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OpsChain Pre-Release Availability

Hi all,

I wanted to share some exciting news from the team at LimePoint.

With the evolving landscape of Cloud, API & Microservices, Event-driven and data streaming platforms, GitOps, and Kubernetes; delivering systems and capabilities is no longer as simple as building, releasing, and changing systems using antiquated build and deployment processes. As a result, we have invested in bringing our platform’s capabilities into the next generation. It is with great excitement that I announce the pre-release availability of OpsChain

For those wanting hands-on access and an opportunity to test drive OpsChain with your real-world use cases, we are currently running a pre-release trial with limited spots available.  We’d love to get your feedback, and of course there’s some cool swag available for pre-release participants :). To register your interest in participating in the OpsChain pre-release trial, please register at

Happy automating and stay tuned for more updates!

Team OpsChain

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