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Platform Engineering


Deliver pluggable, composable, and extensible platforms

Platform engineering is the process through which enterprises adopt (new technology and platforms), leverage (existing technologies and platforms), and transform (shift the dial on delivering value by transforming the way things are done) cloud platforms. It is at the core of designing, building, and operating your cloud infrastructure to deliver the next generation IT ecosystem.

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) typically refers to the ability of an organisation’s employees and service providers to choose the devices they work with. However, modern IT expands this definition to include enterprise applications, services, and platforms. Building composable platforms, whether in the private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud, empowers enterprises to not only leverage the investment of their existing technologies, but also take advantage of new-world platforms and cloud native technologies delivered by hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

The LimePoint Platform Engineering offering includes the following core services that underpin your organisation’s ability to deliver composable, pluggable, and extensible platforms, enabling your organisation to BYOT.

Our Platform Engineering Services

Build and Configure

Enterprise DevOps

Supercharge software delivery by aligning development and operations.


From ideation to software, and from software to deployment. Agility is a business’ competitive advantage today, and the traditional development cycle is not equipped for the modern IT world. LimePoint’s DevOps consultants automate away inefficiencies and improve the quality and reliability of software. Deliver pipelines to enable continuous release of change across your platforms.

Operate and Run

Platform Automation

Enable continuous deployment and
continuous delivery.


Automation is a keystone capability for the modern enterprise. The ability to react quickly to changing platform conditions is crucial, and cannot be completely left at the hands of humans. Therefore, automating platforms are mandatory to ensure continuous deployment and delivery in the modern enterprise. LimePoint can help you automate your infrastructure provisioning, software release and application deployment.

API and Integration Services-07

Site Reliability Engineering

Detect and prevent failures before they
become outages.


Chaos (or site reliability) engineering is the process of introducing failure “gremlins” into your systems, to ensure your automation and DevOps processes can adapt and “keep the gremlins” at bay. LimePoint’s consultants can help you design, build and engineer your systems to ensure they can tolerate instability and ensure reliability across your cloud platforms.

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