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Cybersecurity, Identity, & Access Management


Secure your critical IT resources with modern IAM and Security solutions.

A comprehensive Identity and Access Management platform is the cornerstone of any enterprise security architecture. LimePoint engineers have extensive experience in implementing and managing Access Management and Identity Governance and Lifecycle solutions for enterprises in various industry sectors including financial services, education, and government. We can provide complete API and Identity Integration solutions for managing your identity platform and creating and configuring connectors to federated identity sources.

LimePoint have carefully selected technology partners for Identity and Access Management and whether your preference is for traditional on-premises enterprise deployment architecture, a more light-weight open source-based implementation or fully cloud-native solutions LimePoint can deliver a platform to suit your needs.

Beyond these core capabilities, we can also assist with implementing API security, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) and Threat Data Analytics.

LimePoint offers Identity and Access Management services from the initial design and architecture stages, all the way through to managed services if required. This allows us to provide comprehensive services for developing and managing your identity platform. In addition to implementing security solutions, our experts can be at your side throughout the development of the identity integration architecture and our ongoing services can include platform operation, maintenance, service management and support.

Our Cybersecurity, Identity, and Access Management Services

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We do a deep dive into the requirements for your security solution, evaluating the objectives, existing infrastructure, required sizing, performance and high availability as well as the integrations required with other systems. The output of the discovery phase will feed into the architecture design and build phases.


Architecture and Design

LimePoint engineers have deep experience in critical system design for performant and highly available identity and security platforms. The learnings from the discovery phase will inform the design to ensure a tailored architecture to match your requirements.

Build and Configure

Build and Configure

Your new security platform will be built using automation solutions such as LimePoint’s MintPress software. Leverage an infrastructure as code paradigm to take control of your platform and its configuration, allowing for consistent, repeatable builds across different environments. We deliver top work, on time, and to budget.

API Development

Security Integrations

We can help with the integrations required to source and distribute identity information to related systems, whether implementing standard connectors or developing custom connector solutions or API implementations. LimePoint have API Development services you can use whether to augment your own team of API developers or fully outsource custom API development.

Operate and Run

Operate and Run

We believe an efficient operation is just as important as expertly delivered projects. LimePoint provide automation-led managed services, empowering the enterprise in the cloud economy.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

You may choose to build up internal capability to operate and run your Identity and Access Platform. No problem: we can help you get your team ramped up with our Knowledge Transfer service.

Our Partners

LimePoint, have established strong strategic partnerships with both ForgeRock, and Oracle  for Identity Governance and Access Management. We have chosen our partners based on their  wide range of Identity solutions, the technology capabilities and ease of implementation and use. These products just work, and work well.

  • ForgeRock – open-source based solutions at the forefront of the modern approach to Identity Management; and
  • Oracle – an Enterprise Grade Identity Platform that delivers scalable solutions for governance, access management and directory services

At LimePoint, with our automation-first mindset, and our strategic partnerships with ForgeRock, Oracle, Kong and Confluent, SIEM and data analytics capabilities become easy and insightful. All of our partners are aligned with our vision of empowering the enterprise in the cloud economy.

The modern Identity Platform for your Consumers, Workforce, and Things

ForgeRock is fast gaining traction in the Identity and Access Management market. ForgeRock maintains open-source projects in Identity, Access, Directory and Gateway services that all feed into their enterprise solutions. This puts ForgeRock at the forefront of the modern, more flexible approach to Identity Management. They have engineered their solutions for the cloud and can be delivered on-premises, hybrid cloud or cloud native.

Manage the e2e lifecycle of user identities across your enterprise resources

Oracle Identity Management is a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products, which brings greater agility, better decision-making, and reduced cost and risk to diverse IT environments today. This platform is an innovative, fully integrated service that delivers all the core identity and access management capabilities through on-premise deployment, or a multi-tenant Cloud platform, Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

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