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Solifi Realtime Reporting Application

Solifi Realtime Reporting Application

Effortless Real-time Data Retrieval and Reporting

Solifi Realtime Reporting Application by LimePoint transforms the way you manage and retrieve real-time data with its powerful and intuitive plug-and-play solution.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Solifi Data Streaming Platform, this application empowers customers to unlock the full potential of their data without the need for complex configurations or technical expertise.

In collaboration with Solifi, LimePoint has created a user-friendly application that simplifies data streaming and reporting, ensuring customers can focus on their core business activities.

Our solution addresses common barriers to effective data management, providing a streamlined and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.


Why Choose Solifi Realtime Reporting Application?

Instant Data Access

Retrieve data messages in real-time with minimal setup, bypassing traditional, time-consuming processes.

Flexible Deployment

Whether as a standalone solution or deployed on your preferred container platform, our application adapts to your needs.

It also supports multiple backend databases, including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MariaDB, and Postgres.


Easily scale your operations by running multiple consumers simultaneously to handle large volumes of data.

Reduced Costs

Save up to 90% on development and maintenance costs compared to in-house solutions.

Enhanced Support

Benefit from our dedicated support team and receive free upgrades aligned with upstream Solifi changes.

Learn more and check release notes on GitHub

Customer Success Stories

Trusted by Enterprise

I’d worked with LimePoint before and had been impressed with the deep technical knowledge of Oracle Fusion their consultants had. This time the project was much bigger and had an aggressive timeline of 18 months, yet LimePoint delivered everything we needed on time.

— Toll Road Operator

General Manager Solution Delivery

Usually there are hundreds of defects 'in going live with Oracle deployments' including serious ones. With LimePoint, there was a single defect which had no customer impact. We found it using LimePoint, fixed it and migrated to live production with no outage whatsoever. This alone proved LimePoint’s value.

— Australian Corporation

Program Manager

With LimePoint, it was never about throwing more people at the job. Quite the reverse, in fact. They minimized the human component, which was quite a refreshing change.

— Major Australian Corporation

Program Manager

They were open, direct and honest with nothing sugar coated. Very clever, highly experienced people who added high strategic value. LimePoint’s a good company to work with.

— Insurance Services & Banking

Program Manager

At the time there were just 2 companies in Australia with tools to automate Oracle environment builds. We talked to both and, while the other company’s toolset was ready to use, we felt that LimePoint’s software was a more innovative in concept. That was the deciding factor. The opportunity to work with LimePoint on the toolkit’s final scope, objectives and feature set was an added attraction.

— Australian Bank

Program Manager

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