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Modernising Change for Speed and Scale with Confluent and Kong

Modern applications and platforms espouse the benefits of simplification, scale, and improved cost efficiencies, but often organisations face the challenge in managing significant increases in change volume and the associated cost of this change.

Change is HARD and COMPLEX! Monolithic-scale changes are viewed as a thing of the past, but often are still required with legacy applications and systems. In today’s rapidly changing world, 18-months is often seen as too old and legacy! Modern approaches to application development and platform delivery aim to reduce complexity and simplify change, but the pace of change often results in a higher overall cost of change if your ability to deliver and consume change is unable to keep up with demand.

Effortless and frictionless access to Data and Information is paramount to ensure change can be consumed and delivered at speed. The ability to interact, manipulate, and shape Data, and secure and control actors who interact with my Data are critical in enabling organisations deliver change at speed and scale.

Kong provides an Enterprise grade Service Connectivity Platform.

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Secure and Govern APIs

  • Gain visibility and empower application teams to provide security, governance and compliance
  • API Management

Decentralise Applications and Services

  • Accelerate your journey to microservices
  • Mesh-enable your applications and microservices

Full Lifecycle Developer Platform

  • Rapidly design, publish and consume APIs and services
  • Cradle to Grave API Development

Confluent provides Complete Enterprise Data Streaming Platform, providing effortless access to quality Data and Information (both in motion and at rest)

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  • Data from existing applications and systems
  • High-level of data quality
  • Data in Real-time, as and when it changes
  • Keep Historical data as required
  • Easily interact with, manipulate, and shape Data to meet needs

Confluent AND Kong together provide the best of both worlds, and intersection of Events and Services. Kong provides a complete service development and connectivity platform. Microservices NEED data in order to provide externally-facing and consumable capabilities. Confluent on the other hand provides complete eventing and event mesh capabilities in order to externalise and provide effortless access to underlying data. Using both platforms together provides you with an ability to rapidly bring together solutions to meet your business use case, be it from system integration, to new customer digital engagement offerings, or meeting your governance and compliance regulatory requirements.

  • Enterprise Grade API Development Platform
  • Enterprise Grade Data Streaming Platform
  • Bare Metal, Multi-Cloud and Kubernetes Native Support
  • Highly Scalable, Performant, and Secure
  • Highly Automatable
  • Data + Events + Services = Success

We’d love to hear from you. What is your use case?

The full presentation is available here BrightTalk – Modernising Change for Speed and Scale with Confluent and Kong

About the author:Goran Stankovski is the Founder & CEO of LimePoint, and an industry thought leader specialising in Automation, DevOps, Enterprise and Technical Architecture, and Technology

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