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Why OpsChain?

Hi all,

Since our announcement of its pre-release availability, I wanted to share with you why we built OpsChain.

OpsChain is an orchestration and change automation platform based in GitOps principles with a core objective to Unify Change – by connecting, automating, and orchestrating people, processes, and tools across your on-premise and cloud platforms.  We developed OpsChain to address the problem of managing change in a consistent and uniform way across on-premise, cloud, modern, and legacy platforms using GitOps principles. Our objective is to unify people, process, and technology in order to simplify and reduce the operational complexities and costs of running and operating modern enterprise applications and systems in today’s world. OpsChain unifies your ability to deliver change by bringing all your existing tools, people, and processes together in a single GitOps-based workflow — providing a single place to track change and configuration across your platforms and environments.

Read more about it at

For those wanting hands-on access and an opportunity to test drive OpsChain with your real-world use cases, we are currently running a pre-release trial with limited spots available.  We’d love to get your feedback, and of course there’s some cool swag available for pre-release participants :). To register your interest in participating in the OpsChain pre-release trial, please register at

Team OpsChain

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