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OpsChain – Creating an Action definition

OpsChain is an API-first orchestration and change automation platform based in GitOps principles with a powerful command-line interface (CLI).

In earlier posts, we introduced you to the OpsChain CLI and demonstrated how to simply create Projects and Environments with OpsChain.

In this post, we create our first Action definition. Actions are the things that we can perform on environment, they contain one or more Steps, and can have pre-requisites. Actions are a fundamental building block within OpsChain and can be assembled into complex Change workflows to meet your requirements. Lets see how we can create our first Action definition in OpsChain using the Action domain-specific language (DSL).

Creating an OpsChain Action definition

For those wanting hands-on access and an opportunity to test drive OpsChain with your real-world use cases, we are currently running a pre-release trial with limited spots available.  We’d love to get your feedback, and of course there’s some cool swag available for pre-release participants :). To register your interest in participating in the OpsChain pre-release trial, please register at

Happy automating and stay tuned for more updates!

Team OpsChain

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