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Migrating to the Cloud? Have you analysed your baseline measures before deployment?

Migrating to the cloud is not quite as simple as signing up for a SaaS application. Other factors come into play. And cloud migration is on an increase. Gartner predicts the public cloud market will grow more than 17% in 2019.

So getting cloud deployment right is crucial and more critical than ever.

As companies move to the cloud, they increasingly rely on networks they don’t directly manage. Yet, this infrastructure is just as critical as that held in an on-prem datacenter.

One factor to consider is the baseline performance before you migrate to the cloud. Getting a baseline measure of network performance requires measuring different data points to what organisations have typically leveraged in the past.

Prior to cloud computing, the network was in an organisation’s control. When issues surfaced, teams could troubleshoot problems. However, in a cloud world, the devices cannot be directly managed. Visibility into cloud leverages different techniques. These techniques provide metrics that network teams can rely upon to test configurations and baseline performance before moving to the cloud.

Are you migrating to the cloud? Have you analysed your baseline measures before deployment?

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