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Multi-Cloud means you need better Automation

My professional mission is enabling enterprises in the cloud economy – usually this means complex, multi-cloud environments. And frequently, I find enterprises have chosen their vendors carefully but put only a passing thought into automation.

Leveraging multiple platforms (e.g. both Azure and AWS) with poor automation choices can end up costing the business more in the long run, even if server and storage spend is optimised in the short term.

The usual gremlins sabotaging multi-cloud automation are:

  • Vendor-owned automation tools
  • Failing to containerise
  • Forgetting about private cloud

The ‘right’ platform for a given workload will change over time…but without vendor agnostic automation tools, cost of shifting platforms can outweigh benefits.

Containerisation is also a must. By ensuring workloads are small, self-contained images, moving workloads between one cloud and another remains easy and effective. Finally, many enterprises still run private clouds – yet few have mature tool sets that manage both public and private clouds from one single view.

Is your existing Automation solution enabling your enterprise to fully leverage the Cloud Economy?