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Slack for MintPress – The Ultimate Productivity Powerhouse

Slack puts modern working in your hands – literally. With apps for every device, Slack allows your team to securely and instantly communicate, wherever and whenever.

MintPress is one of many platforms that integrate with Slack, allowing administrators to manage multiple workloads from one pane of glass.

The upcoming update of MintPress combines the efficiency of Slack and the power of MintPress.


Launch new service catalogues from Slack.

Obtain status details on a service catalogue instance.

Shutdown, restart or destroy service catalogue instances using slack.

Manage Mintpress from anywhere and anytime – get instant updates on the go.

Enjoy integrated security with your enterprise systems – manage users as needed.

What gets done via approvals – prevent overspend.

Stay tuned for more details

The MintPress SlackBot feature is due for Release 3.5.1 in late 2019.

If you would like to learn more about the MintPress and Slack integration, feel free to contact us.