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Why not give up on DevOps

When a new process/methodology comes along, there will always be a percentage of failure. Implementations come up short. They go off the rails. DevOps is no exception, and that is OK! Without failure, there is no success. It is how we as humans learn. We learn from failure. We strive to refine and improve our knowledge continually. We did not land on the moon at the first attempt.

Since DevOps changes much about IT, it can pose to have a higher rate of failure. Too many moving parts. End Result? You can either abandon DevOps or persevere till you get it right.

DevOps is different from other methodologies, especially for the Ops side. It challenges the norm. It challenges the way things have been done for decades. Yes, it will sometimes fail and for a wide variety of reasons. Leverage it. Leverage it on an entire portfolio. Or leverage it for a select few projects within a portfolio. But leverage it.

Having worked in this field for a long time and guided a lot of organisations through their DevOps journey, I suggest, do not abandon. Stick with it. Its ok to fail, but fail fast. Get feedback. Learn from it. Improve on it. Repeat until your failures are gone.

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