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Do Embrace (DevOps) Change – Focus on Changing Behaviours

It has become a cliché within DevOps circles that embracing DevOps is more about making a cultural change than about adopting new processes/technologies. However, changing culture can be difficult. You can have the best DevOps strategy and plan but if the team does not come along on a journey of change, the strategy is futile and plans wasted. For DevOps to succeed the mindset of the team must shift. And as a DevOps leader, inculcating this change will be a momentous hurdle and yet the most rewarding one to overcome.

When it comes to change, I often hear leaders and managers speak about “start by changing mindset”. I agree with this partially. It is equally, if not more important to start with the behaviours. We are aware of the attitudes and beliefs driving thinking driving behaviour paradigm. I want to make a case for starting with behaviour.

If you are trying to change the culture, define the behaviours you want (speaking from a DevOps perspective here). Provide training, coaching and mentoring. Reward the desired behaviours. Culture change will eventuate.

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