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Will DevOps Remain Relevant in the Long Run?

Will DevOps remain relevant in the long run? This was a discussion (and topic of some debate) I had with a client recently. 

 I agree that IT literature is now garnished with DevOps. Devops here and DevOps there. So yes, DevOps has emerged as a buzzword. But what cannot be denied or declined is its relevance in infrastructural development, in Ops and Dev. 

 The percentage of businesses investing in DevOps has steadily increased over the years. DevOps tools, including those by LimePoint (such as MintPress and DriftGuard) are increasing in pervasiveness. 

Demand for skilled DevOps engineers is also rising. 

Don’t expect DevOps to go away. Not just yet. Although the naming convention and the associated job titles will evolve over time. The core goal of DevOps and the associated philosophy will remain. Not only relevant but in high demand.