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The High Stakes Cloud Sprawl Problem

When it comes to cloud adoption, organisations play it like a few hands of poker. They start with a fold or two to get a “read of the players” otherwise known as the ‘not interested’ stage. Then they make a few calls and ante up just to “see the flop”, which can be compared to the ‘let’s use a little bit of cloud’ stage, and before you know it, they’re betting the farm with the “we’re all in” call. Now they are hoping they double up. A few wins later, they are strutting their stuff and calling every hand with chips in every pot. Now, they are in the situation of ‘cloud sprawl’.

Cloud adoption certainly has its advantages. However, surplus and rapid growth can create challenges. You could find yourself losing certain “hands” that you knew you should have just folded on. I am all for cloud adoption. What I advise against is the uncontrolled growth that is born out of Shadow IT.

How can we prevent such an occurrence? The answer lies in your organisation’s visibility and control over its cloud resources. Establish clear user policies and ensure that there is on-going communication between the different departments and teams within your enterprise. Finally, monitor cloud computing by employing effective cloud management tools suitable to your specific organisation.

The ability to overcome these challenges, through proper cloud management strategies will allow the exposure of your organisation to a multitude of benefits that will help improve efficiency and productivity.

How is your cloud play coming along? Is it premeditated and managed? Are you holding Pocket Aces? Or is it a mess that is untraceable, unmanageable and a sprawl that is tough to recover from like a Jack Seven off suit?