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Taking Legacy Systems to the Cloud

For many companies ‘acquisition’ is the strategy for growth. And for a good reason. As companies grow, it makes sense to acquire an existing company that has the capability the acquiring firm needs.

Acquisition though introduces a challenge. Whether it is the acquiring firm or the one being acquired, companies that grow organically have systems in place and it can be challenging to modernise legacy systems.

Ideally, the IT landscape would be a blank slate where every organisation could build an optimum infrastructure. But for most businesses, the infrastructure is made up of legacy systems & apps. It isn’t easy to create on top of it. As more organisations look to the cloud as the infrastructure modality of choice, the need to migrate legacy systems to the cloud becomes very important.

A robust way to approach the migration is leveraging open source technologies that can create a hybrid cloud solution. Container technology, Serverless architecture and functions, VMs etc.

There are several approaches to migrating legacy systems into the cloud. However, turning your current infrastructure into cloud-based by leveraging existing and open source tools is one of the most effective approaches.

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