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Automation & Security Orchestration can unite DevOps teams

Tech innovations have enabled businesses streamline activities and improve efficiencies. Innovation has also created additional work for the security function, and they are struggling to balance the workload owing to a lack of resources and an increasing impact of cyberthreats.

Security is a risk function. For it to perform well, it must collaborate with the greater business. However, security functions often operate in silos. These security silos lead to friction and miscommunication which gets in the way of teams accomplishing their goals.

Some organisations are leveraging collaboration and specific technologies to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness between people and processes.

Security Orchestration and automation technologies are crucial for DevOps to succeed. They can be brought into SecOps to realise the same success. Emerging technologies can streamline the automation process and give teams control and flexibility. By solving problems together, in a streamlined fashion with automation and orchestration bridging teams and tools, organisations position themselves to better scale against threats.

Are you leveraging Automation and Security Orchestration to unite your DevOps teams?

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