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Are you Mapping your Measures and Metrics to your Outcomes?

Being future-ready, requires a constant change in approach. I see organisations focus on transforming the way they work. However, what I don’t see enough of is aligning the measures to desirable outcomes.

This applies whether you are undertaking a transformation journey or are faced with uncertainty. What you measure must change based on the outcomes you seek. For instance, if efficiency is the outcome you seek, then your measures and metrics must be relevant to efficiency. In this case, an analysis of where the bottlenecks are, so that you can improve flow is the way to go.

If you wish to improve flow but your activity is in optimising an area that is not relevant to bottlenecks, you won’t achieve the end outcome you started with – Improved efficiency.

Are you optimising for a single metric? Is your focus on one part of the system or the system itself? Are your measures for the sake of measuring alone or is improvement sitting at the core of your practice?