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Are you Creating a DevOps Culture?

Delays in the release of software apps are often caused by poor management of software releases. A significant issue lies in the fact that the ethos of DevOps is to work in small teams – and this can create silos if not scoped correctly. What do I mean by that? Are the teams autonomous? Do they depend on others for their releases to be delivered? In teams that are not autonomously scoped, as software releases get more complex, the involvement of dependent teams grows. As the numbers of teams grow so does the complexity of managing teams. Without real collab and deep insights, release cycles will struggle.

Working in poorly-scoped teams on a release creates silos. The silos lead to team isolation. This adds an additional level of complexity and to achieve real success and unification is of paramount importance.

Creating a collaborative DevOps culture benefits not only the software teams but the org itself.

How is your team structured? How is it scoped? Are your teams autonomous? Are they educated on the latest tech? Have they introduced new tech to the rest of the teams so everyone can work together? Are you creating a robust DevOps working culture?

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