Project Manager / Direcctor

Are any of these true for you?

  • You have fixed timelines and budgets - yet many projects run over on both
  • Environments that don’t work are causing delays and disruptions – that harm the business
  • You’d like to ensure continuous delivery of projects – but are unsure how to achieve it
  • Finding the right experts to help isn’t easy – whether in-house or external.

Have you tried any of these?

  • Hiring some SMEs in-house – but it cost time and money to hire and train them, their skills weren’t quite right, so projects still were still not delivered on budget or time.
  • Bringing in niche specialists – but this increased the budget and, when projects weren’t delivered on time or budget, they blamed each other
  •  Reducing project scope to meet budget – but this reduced value to the business and stakeholders weren’t happy
  • Increasing the timeline to reduce budget – but projects weren’t delivered on time so the expected advantage wasn’t gained.

You’ve come to the right place

LimePoint is an experienced team of Oracle specialists, with extensive experience in delivering new projects.

We’ve worked in large scale, diverse Oracle environments government, transport , education, retail, and finance, for over 20 years. As a result, we’ve developed the most advanced suite for Continuous Delivery and DevOps for  Oracle, called EnvironMint.

We help organisations like yours deliver new projects on time and on budget using our expertise, our smart automation suite or both, by:

  • Applying our experience in similar settings - to ensure delivery on time and on budget
  • Using  EnvironMint - to build quality environments for new projects quickly and cost-effectively
  • Deploying EnvironMint to detect and fix or prevent defects - before they impact the project or the business.
  • Deploying handpicked specialists in all Oracle environments and most technologies – so there is one team accountable for all results, with no gaps or overlaps
  • Combining experience and technology to deliver projects on time and budget - so there is no need to reduce to scope or increase timelines.

Read how we do this in the Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle or contact us for a Complimentary Consult  to discuss your situation.

Who is a good fit for LimePoint

At LimePoint, we work best with organisations who want to enhance their ability to innovate, become more competitive or add business value – and want to use their Oracle technologies to do so. Many of our long term client organizations share some of characteristics. Do you?

  • You have complex or diverse Oracle solutions – and you’d like to get the most from them
  • Your CEO is looking to move to the cloud, to add new services or transform the business - and you want your Oracle technologies to enable this change
  • You want projects to be delivered more reliably and with higher quality – as well as one time and budget
  • You’d like your Oracle technologies to deliver new projects – but also be easy and cost-effective for you to manage and maintain
  • You’ve tried do this in house – but found it complicated, expensive and unpredictable
  • You’d like to do improve your delivery of Oracle projects - right now.

Who is not a good fit for LimePoint

Over the years, we’ve found that the organizations that were less than a perfect fit with us, had some of these features in common. Do you?

  • You don’t see the need or value of Continuous Delivery or Automation of Oracle. If transforming your business becomes important in future, these two criteria will become critical to your success. Please call us when this occurs.
  • You want to improve project delivery through Oracle – but the CEO is not convinced there’s a problem. We’d be happy to provide an ROI Calculator or Business Case to support your position.  Please contact us.
  • Your existing Oracle solutions are performing adequately – and you feel that project delivery rates are acceptable. Should this change, please contact us.
  • You have plenty of Middleware specialists in-house and they can cope with your usual Oracle management needs. If the CEO decides upon major transformation that is beyond their skill sets, please call us.
  • Your business is stable with little need to innovate, sharpen your edge or increase business value through Oracle technologies. If this situation should change, please give us a call.

Read how we do this in the Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle or contact us for a Free Consult to discuss your situation