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API & Integration


Seamlessly connect SaaS & enterprise applications.

LimePoint can help connect your data and application systems so that they share a common language to optimise the value of your solutions. With a strong development competency and a DevOps mindset, coupled with our deep experience in working with applications, LimePoint can offer you flexibility and control in your Integration Solution approach and we’ll get your system properly integrated and playing together in no time.

Our Approach

Our team of expert consultants are highly skilled and proficient in delivering a variety of traditional and cloud-based integration related services, all of which are aimed at connecting the systems, streamlining the connections, and designing and building the interfaces the best fit your business needs.

There are no boundaries for integration. We aim to enable your digital transformation journeys and support you with seamless integration in data, system and in application. With a DevOps approach LimePoint look to remove complexities and create innovative, flexible, scalable and maintainable solutions quickly and efficiently, we make integration easy.

Customer Success Stories

Trusted by Enterprise

But it wasn’t just the complexity of the technical environment. The people environment was just as challenging. Over 100 contractors worked on the project at its peak. In addition to our own IT staff and those of the main contractor, other specialists and SMEs were also engaged. LimePoint’s consultants always worked as part of the bigger team collaborating seamlessly with all the other parties.

— Infrastructure Company

General Manager Solution Devlivery

Capability and technology were critical to us and LimePoint ticked off both, with strong skills in the Oracle Banking space and an advanced toolset for automating continuous delivery. Their experience with banking in the cloud was important too.

— Insurance Services Group

Program Manager

LimePoint’s people are very straight-shooting, direct people. They say what they mean, they tell you exactly what the situation is and what the options are. There’s no interpretation or guesswork involved. I really like that in a partner.

— Transport Company

General Manager

LimePoint’s software has been used successfully to deploy our development and integration environments. This provides consistency of deployment across all environments, significantly reducing the time required to build and environment. This consistency will reduce the effort required to support environments and provide a stable base to support quality testing results.

— Australian Bank

General Manager Technology

We’re dealing with complex technologies in a highly complex environment and each Oracle product required specific Subject Matter Expertise to install and configure. With so many SMEs on the project, environment configuration management was tough, as was change management. This was another area where LimePoint made a real difference.

— Tier-1 Bank

Program Manager


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