Environment or Operations Manager

Are any of these true for you?

  • You need to keep all software up-to-date –but increasingcomplexity is making it tougher
  • You must have all environments in synch across the SDLC  – but unexpected defects are causing outages and disruption
  • Environments are getting more diverse & complex to manage – which is costing more and taking longer to achieve
  • It’s costing much more to do less - yet the business is demanding even more in less time.

Have you tried any of these?

  • Hiring more SMEs in-house – but it cost a lot to onboard them, they didn’t have the exact skills you needed, and BAU suffered while costs went up.
  • Outsourcing to an MSP – but you were tied to a fixed price, you lost control over process and IP, and BAU wasn’t achieved anyway
  • Developing a tool to automate environments - but it needed expert skills to build, it was difficult and time-consuming and didn’t deliver the quality you sought.

You’ve come to the right place

LimePoint is a highly experienced team of Oracle specialists, with extensive experience in maintaining BAU.

We have over twenty years’ experience in large scale and diverse Oracle environments in demanding verticals like education, transport, retail, government and finance. From this, we’ve developed the most advanced suite for automating and trouble-shooting Oracle environments, called EnvironMint.

We help organizations like yours maintain BAU by simplifying management of your Oracle solutions, using our expertise, our smart automation suite or both, by:

  • Using EnvironMint to design, build and deploy your  environments – with dramatically improved quality and reduced time
  • Using EnvironMint to monitor, troubleshoot and fix defects – so you can fix problems before they impact your business
  • Enabling ongoing maintenancein-house - using your own peopleand reducing costs.

Read how we do this in the Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle or contact us for a Complimentary Consult  to discuss your situation.

Who is a good fit for LimePoint

At LimePoint, we enjoy working with organisations who rely on Oracle technologies and want them to ensure BAU, yet also be responsive to change. Many of our long term client organizations have some of these in common. Do you?

  • You have complex or diverse Oracle solutions – and want to get the most from them
  • You seek stable, reliable Oracle technologies that routinely ensure BAU – but are also easy and cost-effective to manage in-house
  • You’ve tried to optimise performance of your Oracle solution in-house - but found it complex, time-consuming and uncertain of success
  • You’d like to do something about improving your Oracle environments - right now.

Who is not a good fit for LimePoint

Over the years, we’ve found that organizations that were not a perfect fit with LimePoint shared some of these characteristics. Do you?

  • You don’t see the need or value of Continuous Delivery or DevOps for Oracle. If your business needs to transform in future, and these two criteria become critical to your success, please call us.
  • You see the need for improved Oracle environments – but your CEO doesn’t see it this way. If so, we’d be happy to provide a Business Case to boost your argument. Please contact us.
  • Your existing Oracle solutions are performing well and BAU is usually achieved. Should this situation change, please contact us.
  • You have quite a few Oracle specialists in-house and they’re mostly managing your needs. If this changes, if the business needs to embrace change and your Oracle solutions need to support it, please call us.

Read how we do this in the Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle or contact us for a Free Consult to discuss your situation.