Are you a CIO or CTO of an enterprise using Oracle?

Are any of these true for you?

You want your Oracle deployments to support the business’s goals – routinely and on time, yet:

  • The value delivered is often lower than expected – and costs are higher
  • Business teams are frustrated - because applications are rarely ready when promised
  • Most of your budget is used for maintenance – with little left for improvement or innovation
  • You want to speed up delivery of projects - but many run over time, and budget too.

Have you tried any of these?

  • Hiring Oracle specialists in-house - but they didn’t have the exact skills you needed, so business value didn’t go up but overheads did, and timelines moved out
  • Contracting external SMEs – but the quality of work was variable and, when results fell short, they blamed each other
  • Hiring Systems Integrators - but they didn’t have the exact skills either and hired SMEs anyway, so timelines and budget both increased.
  • Trying to build an automation tool in-house - but it cost too much, took too long, and didn’t deliver quality or value.

You’ve come to the right place

Based on 20 years’ experience with large scale Oracle deployments in government education, finance, retail and transport, LimePoint had developed the most advanced suite to achieve DevOps for Oracle, called EnvironMint.

Combining two products, MintPress that builds Oracle environments in hours not months and DriftGuard which detects and fixes defects in environments in real time, EnvironMint, helps you build, operate and trouble-shoot Oracle environments, easily and cost-effectively, in-house.

We help organisations like yours achieve greater business value and agility using our expertise, our smart suite or both, by:

  • Using a small team with specialist Oracle experience – to cut down overheads and time
  • Applying our knowledge across the whole Oracle stack – to deliver the desired results on time and on budget
  • Using EnvironMint to automate build and deployment of quality Oracle environments - across the whole life cycle
  • Using EnvironMint to simplify maintenance of your environments – with real time troubleshooting and fixing of defects before they impact your business.

Read how we do this in the Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle or contact us for a Complimentary Consult  to discuss your situation.

Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle

Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle

Who is a good fit for LimePoint

At LimePoint, we love working with organisations who want to innovate, improve business value or increase agility – using their Oracle enterprise deployments. Many of our long term client organisations have some of these in common. Do you?

  • You have complex or diverse Oracle solutions – and want to get the most from them
  • You want Oracle technologies to provide business value and agility – and be easy and cost-effective to manage, so you can focus on the business
  • You’d like to achieve Continuous Delivery and DevOps – but are unsure where to start
  • You’ve tried do it in-house – but found it complex, time-consuming, expensive or uncertain
  • You’d like to do something about improving your Oracle deployments – right now.

Who is not a good fit for LimePoint

Over the years, we’ve found that organizations that were not a perfect fit with LimePoint shared some of these characteristics. Do you?

  • You’d like to improve value or agility from your Oracle investment – but the CEO isn’t yet convinced. If so, we’d be happy to provide a Business Case to assist. Please contact us.
  • Your existing Oracle solutions are few and simple – and you think there’s no real need for Continuous Delivery or automation. If your business needs to transform in future, and these two criteria become critical to your success, please call us.
  • Your business is stable with little need to innovate, sharpen your edge or increase business value. If this situation changes, please give us a call.

Read how we do this in the Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle or contact us for a Complimentary Consult  to discuss your situation.