Architect / SME

Are any of these true for you?

  • Your technology roadmap includes Oracle  - but you don’t have a lot of Oracle experts in-house or

  • You feel that Oracle might be the solution for your business – but before you decide, you’d like to test it out beforehand or
  • You have lots of Oracle solutions now  – but don’t have the time or desired to upskill your own people to become Oracle experts
  • You’d like to automate your existing Oracle solutions via DevOps, Continuous Delivery or Continuous Integration – but are unsure how to proceed
  • You’d like to host your Oracle solution in the cloud – but are unsure where to start
  • Every time you do a release, the environments aren’t the same – and you get outages when you go live.

Have you tried any of these?

  • Using your own in-house team- but found they didn’t have the right skills or were resistant to change. It took a lot of time and money to find this out and business operation suffered.
  • Contracting multiple niche specialists – but costs really went up, yet quality design wasn’t realised. When this happened, they blamed each other.
  • Buying or building a tool to automate quality environments – but it was costly to build and maintain, it distracted you from core business and didn’t deliver the quality you hoped for.

You’ve come to the right place

LimePoint is a leading team of DevOps specialists.

We have over two decades’ experience in diverse and/or large scale Oracle enterprise deployments. We’ve built and maintained complex deployments in education, finance, government, retail and transport. As a result, we’ve developed the most advanced automation suite to achieve Continuous Delivery and DevOps for Oracle, called EnvironMint.

We help organizations like yours to achieve smooth operation and continuous improvement, using our expertise, our smart automation suite or both, by:

  • Applying knowledge and experience across most Oracle technologies and all environments - not just a few of them
  • Using EnvironMint - to deliver high quality environments in hours not months - routinely and quickly
  • Applying EnvironMint – to detect and fix defects before you go live and troubleshoot
  • Providing training and transition with EnvironMint – so your people can manage environments in future with ease and economy
  • Applying specific expertise in cloud, on-premise, DevOps and Continuous Delivery  - so you have the ability to effect the changes the business wants.

Read how we do this in the Blueprint for Continuous Delivery & DevOps of Oracle or contact us for a Complimentary Consult  to discuss your situation.

Who is a good fit for LimePoint

Here at LimePoint, we enjoy working with organisations who want to both operate smoothly and adapt to change, especially through quality design of their Oracle solutions. Many of our long term client organizations have some of these in common. Do you?

  • You have complex or diverse Oracle solutions – and want them to deliver the maximum
  • Your CEO in on board with your desire for change (such as a move to cloud, new services or new functions or a complete transformation) – and you want your Oracle technologies to underpin it
  • You seek highly reliable, high performing Oracle technologies that support the business’s goals- and are easy and economical to maintain and manage
  • You’ve tried do it in house – but found quality was variable and costs were high
  • You’d like to do something about improving your Oracle environments - right now.

Who is not a good fit for LimePoint

Over the years, we’ve found that organisations that were not a perfect fit with LimePoint shared some of these characteristics. Do you?

  • You don’t see the need for Continuous Delivery or DevOpsfor Oracle. It’s not for us to convince you otherwise. However, if your business needs to transform in future and these two criteria become critical to your success, please call us.
  • Your existing Oracle solutions are performing adequately- and you think there’s no real need to improve quality or efficiency. Please contact us should this change.
  • Your business is stable – and business operation and continuous improvement are not issues for you. If this situation changes, please give us a call.
  • You see the need for improved Oracle environments – but the CEO isn’t yet convinced. We’d be happy to provide a Business Case to boost your position. Please contact us.  Otherwise please get in touch with us when he or she is on board.