A collection of continuous delivery tools that help organisations realise their DevOps vision by enabling automation for Oracle technology

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Underpinned by the principles of software configuration management and infrastructure-as-code, EnvironMint enables end-to-end deployment from infrastructure to applications. With the EnvironMint suite, businesses can deliver value to their customers in a fast, consistent and cost efficient way


MintPress provides a centralised end to end automation capability to deliver infrastructure and virtualisation, databases, middleware, and applications platform

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Configuration Management

MintPress allows BAU teams to seamlessly manage changes in environments. DriftGuard makes detecting, analysing and troubleshooting configuration simple

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Application Deployment

MintPress lets developers build, package & seamlessly deploy application artefacts to any target environment using a powerful & extensible deployment framework

MintPress Service Catalog: a self-service portal for deploying assets onto any environment


MintPress is a continuous delivery and automation tool for Oracle technology. MintPress can be used to deliver your infrastructure and virtualisation, databases, middleware, and applications through a centralised automation platform

MintPress provides a fully automated self-service provisioning capability which allows your technology topologies to be seamlessly deployed in any environment whether on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both.

With MintPress, teams can manage builds through a centralized automation execution engine with full control over orchestration.

MintDeploy, a component of MintPress provides an application deployment framework that can be used by individual developers of Oracle applications, as well as with CI/CD or other deployment orchestration tools to streamline the deployment process through the entire software lifecycle


ENVIRONMINT DriftGuard probes the running environments to detect and report on configuration changes and proactively prevent issues. Operational teams can also use DriftGuard to compare configurations between two environments (e.g Pre-prod v/s Prod) to measure and ensure consistency. With its user-definable reporting and simplistic design, DriftGuard makes a powerful tool for detecting, analysing and troubleshooting configuration discrepancies in complex environments.

The Harvesting function in DriftGuard allows configurations to be harvested from an existing environment and imported into MintPress. This helps teams quickly get the as-is state of the environment and use it as a template to build new identical environments.

Be More Competitive and Agile

To stay competitive, your enterprise must innovate, add value and respond to change quickly.

Yet increasing complexity makes these goals harder to achieve, and raises the risk of failures, downtime and disruption.

If your deployment includes solutions from Oracle and other vendors, legacy systems, options like public or private cloud, and on-premise/cloud hybrids, managing complexity will be even tougher.

EnvironMint is an advanced suite for DevOps, that will help you manage this complexity and achieve your business goals with greater speed, reliability and economy.

Reduce your staff

EnvironMint is designed as a Continuous Delivery, Continuous Operation and DevOps suite you can use to build and manage consistent Oracle environments yourself, in-house.

With an intuitive user interface, EnvironMint is easy and fast to use, so you can dramatically reduce the need for and dependence on specialist Oracle expertise, whether in-house or out-sourced.

Realise enterprise benefits

Underpinned by the principles of software configuration management and infrastructure-as-code, EnvironMint helps you to achieve:

  • Continuous Delivery of software across the whole lifecycle
  • End-to-end deployment of Oracle builds from infrastructure to applications
  • Orchestration of Oracle deployments without armies of internal or external experts
  • Continuous Operation and Business As Usual with no interruption for software updates or fixes.
  • Lower costs and easier management by enabling easier move to cloud or hybrid infrastructures.

Achieve DevOps

EnvironMint is designed on the principles of Continuous Delivery and Continuous Operation, and the objectives of DevOps.

Advanced functionality enables automated design and build of Oracle environments to achieve Continuous Delivery, and real-time troubleshoot and fix to ensure Continuous Operation.

By minimising human error, maximising visibility across the whole pipeline and enabling real-time trouble-shooting, EnvironMint is a practical way to foster collaboration between your Dev and Ops teams.

Reduce your costs

EnvironMint lets you build, deploy and maintain Oracle environments that are more consistent, faster to deploy, easier to troubleshoot and can be quickly rolled back if unforseen problems arise.

EnvironMint helps you deliver higher quality outcomes for your enterprise in less time with fewer resources and lower costs, in-house.

Ensure team benefits

EnvironMint delivers measurable benefits to your team too:

  • Faster delivery of projects due to more consistent, reliable environments
  • No need to wait for environments to be built, patched or changed
  • Ability to detect and prevent or fix issues before they impact the business
  • Ability to rollout and roll back releases with ease should unexpected problems arise
  • Delivery of projects on time and on budget with higher quality.

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