MIGRATE TO ORACLE CLOUD with speed and consistency

Today, you must have the flexibility of moving from on-premise to Oracle Cloud and back again if needed yet, without smart tools, ‘Lift and Shift’ will be anything but easy.

A major challenge in migrating on-premise environments to Oracle Cloud is achieving consistency, due to differences between processes and toolsets between the two locations. If you try to manage the transition manually, it could take months - and human error is sure to be introduced, causing inconsistencies and the downtime, delays and failures they cause.

With the help of our automation products MintPress and DriftGuard, we can help reduce these risks, and make it fast, easy and cost-effective to migrate to Oracle Cloud - with high quality, availability and consistency assured.


1. Harvest Configurations

Instead of manually investigating then carefully extracting configuration settings of an existing environment, we use DriftGuard to automatically harvest the key configurations from your environment.

Using this process we don't need to "start from scratch", as DriftGuard performs a harvest collection of the configurations of an existing environment, quickly and cost-effectively, cutting out human error and ensuring consistency.

2. Export Configurations

This step is automated, fast and precise too. DriftGuard exports the configuration collection directly to MintPress, as a precise plan for your build with all the exact details, and it’s quick and easy to do.

3. Provision Environments

Without smart tools, this step can be be time- consuming and fraught with errors. With MintPress it’s automated, fast and consistent, converting the plan from DriftGuard into the specific tasks to build the infrastructure needed for your platform in Oracle Cloud.

4. Configure Tech Stack

MintPress automates this step too, applying the Oracle Fusion Middleware configurations on top of the infrastructure, to create your platform quickly and accurately, without the risks of human error.

5. Deploy Applications

When the Platform is built, we use MintDeploy, or connect MintPress to your Source Code Repository to deploy your Business Applications onto your new platform in Oracle Cloud, creating the complete business ready environment.


Using DriftGuard and MintPress to migrate to Oracle Cloud we can:

  • Reduce your costs by migrating environments to Oracle Cloud

  • Be more agile by building new environments on Oracle Cloud

  • Reduce time to get new initiatives operational on Oracle Cloud

  • Test new initiatives on Oracle Cloud before committing

  • Plan a roadmap on Oracle Cloud usage, quickly and easily

  • Reduce the waste of time and resources due to errors, delays & inconsistencies.