Delivering new products and features with Oracle products requires complicated configuration and significant time. With complex or diverse deployments, these challenges can mount up quickly. 

To provide 24x7 availability and microsecond performance your enterprise technology needs to be fast, dynamically scalable, and consistent.


In our experience, our customers faced these major challenges in end to end Oracle Deployments

  • Delivering new environments take too long
  • Cost Blow-outs
  • DevOps seems too hard
  • Increasing Complexity
  • Configuration Drift and inconsistencies

Our Approach

LimePoint consultants have years of experience with architecture, implementation and delivery of complex Oracle environments. We have assimilated this knowledge and experience into the most advanced continuous delivery and automation platform MintPress

Our ability to combine our advanced tools and processes with extensive experience in Oracle technology gives us a unique ability to deliver end-to-end solutions encompassing infrastructure, middleware and applications

Results you can expect


Besides delivering significant reduction in defects and time and cost to build as illustrated by one of the case studies above, LimePoint’s Oracle technology automation solution delivers measurable benefits to your business by achieving:

  • Continuous Delivery of software across the whole lifecycle
  • End-to-end deployment of Oracle builds from infrastructure to applications
  • Orchestration of Oracle deployments without armies of internal or external experts
  • Continuous Operation and Business As Usual with no interruption for software updates or fixes
  • Lower costs and easier management by enabling easier move to cloud or hybrid infrastructures
                                         Business Benefits at a major bank using LimePoint Automation Suite

                                         Business Benefits at a major bank using LimePoint Automation Suite

Oracle Technology Automation

Packaged Service

Oracle Technology Automation is a low cost enablement solution that provides customers with a self-service capability for the rapid provisioning of Oracle environments. Oracle Technology Automation delivers a Service Catalog Item run via MintPress to provision Oracle environments with:

  • Choice of infrastructure. Oracle Exadata, Exalogic, AWS, IBM Bluemix, Oracle Cloud, vSphere, Bare metal etc.
  • Oracle Database.
  • Oracle WebLogic Server with custom configurations. E.g. JDBC resources, JMS, SSL certificates.
  • Choice of Oracle Fusion Middleware Addons. E.g. SOA, OSB, OAM, 20+ products.
  • Choice of Configuration Reporting and Application Deployment Addon
  • Licenses for up to 3 service environments for 12 months.
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Case Studies


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