A central automation platform for infrastructure and virtualisation, databases, Oracle middleware, applications, and cloud.

Design, build & deploy in minutes

It can take months to build and deliver just one complex Oracle environment, but time isn’t the only issue.

Building complex environments requires hundreds of tedious process repetitions. If done manually, the risk of human error is high, leading to defects, instability and inconsistencies that can cause failure in production.

MintPress, one of 2 products in the EnvironMint Suite for DevOps for Oracle, automates the design, build and deploy functions to minimise the risk of human error and achieve Continuous Delivery.

With an intuitive user interface, MintPress lets you achieve what used to be impossible: complex, consistent environments built and delivered in minutes, not months.

Achieve DevOps

Continuous Delivery aims to ensure rapid, reliable and repeatable delivery of new software, updates and fixes, and automation is the critical factor.

DevOps aims to foster closer collaboration between Dev and Ops teams, and automation is vital here too.

MintPress is a central automation platform that lets you achieve Continuous Delivery and DevOps through delivery of high quality, complex Oracle environments, easily and cost effectively, in-house.

Gain visibility over the pipeline

Designed for use with infrastructure, virtualisation, middleware, applications and cloud, MintPress gives you full control of the delivery pipeline, with full visibility for all team members from Dev to Ops.

MintPress lets you:

  • Simplify design of complex Oracle environments—via a powerful metadata-driven interface
  • Access a new ‘Self Service’ Catalog of Oracle technologies or integrated environments—so you can build identical business assets with one click
  • Clone and extend your environment templates—or build from scratch quickly
  • Seamlessly deploy topologies to any platform— be it on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid
  • Validate configurations before you build them – so you can fix defects or inconsistencies quickly.
  • Automate deployments of application releases
  • Manage your topology versions more easily— with fewer staff
  • Foster closer collaboration between Dev and Ops—through use of a common interface.

Gain control over build orchestration

MintPress is a central build orchestration engine for Continuous Delivery, which increases control and reduces risk.

MintPress lets you:

  • Execute sequenced build steps – from a single dashboard
  • Identify and fix issues at each step of delivery
  • Monitor real-time job activity and logs—and adjust quickly and easily
  • Run, re-run or roll back parts or all of the build – without impact on business operation
  • Store your build configurations in a central repository – for audit, quality assurance and improved governance.
  • Harvest all configuration settings— for fast, accurate cloning of existing environments.

MintDeploy, a component of MintPress provides an application deployment framework that can be used by individual developers of Oracle applications, as well as with CI/CD or other deployment orchestration tools to streamline the deployment process through the entire software lifecycle

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MintSpec, another feature of MintPress provides an infrastructure testing framework with a human-readable language for specifying compliance, security and other policy requirements

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