A central platform for detecting and monitoring configuration changes across your cloud and on-premise platforms.

Detect, Fix or Prevent Configuration Drift

Configuration Drift results from gradual, unplanned changes in software configurations over time. If undetected and not corrected, Configuration Drift is a major cause of systems failure.

DriftGuard, one of 2 products in the LimePoint Automation Suite for DevOps, enables real time ‘troubleshoot and manage’ of Configuration Drift before it impacts the business.

DriftGuard's Configuration Drift Reporting

Allows teams to detect configuration changes made within an environment and proactively prevent issues

Lets teams compare configuration between two environments (e.g Pre-prod v/s Prod) and stores all configuration for audit and quality assurance.


Achieve DevOps

Continuous Operation aims to manage software changes, updates and fixes to avoid disruption or maintenance downtime, and enable Business As Usual. That makes trouble-shooting after release even more critical to business success.

DriftGuard aims to foster closer collaboration between Dev and Ops teams, and the shared ability to detect  and fix problems plays a key role.

DriftGuard is a central platform that lets you achieve Continuous Operation and DevOps by enabling real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of complex environments, easily and cost-effectively, in-house.

Detect Defects Before Release

From a single dashboard, DriftGuard enables detection of configuration changes within an environment and pro-active prevention of issues before they impact the business.

DriftGuard lets you:

  • Detect changes, manage configurations and compare environments before migration to the next phase— ensuring greater consistency and certainty
  • Compare one environment with another or with itself – to detect any inconsistencies
  • Compare your roadmap with what has been built – and rectify any differences
  • Gain a real-time, in-depth view of all your environments – Oracle and non-Oracle as well as those built manually
  • Ensure that configuration changes have been done correctly – by comparing before and after
  • Identify issues in configuration or systems audits – in days not months

Troubleshoot CRITICAL Environments

DriftGuard is a powerful troubleshooting tool that lets you address configuration problems on the fly, in real time.

DriftGuard lets you:

  • Use scripted collections to find Configuration Drift in non-data and non-file-based databases— that are otherwise opaque to queries
  • Determine the root cause of defects in real time— so you can rectify quickly
  • Gain a clear audit trail of changes made—when, where and by whom
  • Detect unauthorised changes in any environment – in a systematic and efficient way
  • React faster by receiving alerts to Configuration Drift—automatically by email
  • Save time by downloading all metadata for a Dimension into a single Zip file.