Enterprise DevOps is about taking the lean processes being used in web companies to dramatically increase speed to value and applying it to an Enterprise.

DevOps adoption in the enterprise often requires significant cultural change which acts as a driver of technology and process change.

A successful DevOps strategy will:

  • Increase the speed of delivery
  • Create opportunity for innovation
  • Improve quality and resilience
  • Foster collaboration and improve morale

Business Challenges

In our experience, here are some of the common challenges that businesses face before aligning their IT with the DevOps methodology:

  • Immature environment management process
  • Change management need more rigour
  • Release management process not clearly defined
  • Inability to support sporadic concurrent project demands
  • Need for a Software Development Lifecycle Governance
  • No automation in test and release impeding organizational agility
  • Complexities around day to day operations leaves no time for innovation

Our Approach

We aim to evaluate people, process, and technology across the enterprise to create a staged roadmap based on a targeted level of maturity.  

Enterprise Devops stage.png

Although the overall scope is broad, this staged roadmap focuses on identifying and prioritising the initiatives that deliver the most value. The bulk of the time is spent on elaborating the solutions to known problems, without losing sight of the broader context.

Implementing DevOps in an organisation is a bespoke and continuous process, but here's how we see the process evolving:

  • Start with in-depth discovery and design phases which result in an As-Is and To-Be architecture
  • Develop a plan expressed as a roadmap broken into maturity stages
  • Implement projects and initiatives from the plan
  • Measure the results using scorecards and metrics developed in the design phase
  • Refine and update the design to reflect the new understanding, then update the roadmap starting the cycle anew

Results you can expect

Our DevOps strategy focuses on People, Process and Technology and aims to deliver the following goals for your organization:

Built-in quality and resilience

  • Technical debt is addressed by default, and paid off as a matter of course
  • Development and test looks like production, and functional and integration testing is automated so issues are found early
  • Everything from infrastructure to configuration is version controlled ‘code’

Remove Silos

  • Features as the atomic unit of delivery
  • No ones job is done until a customer is benefiting from it
  • Cross-functional teams responsible for the features they deliver, no “throwing it over the fence”

A culture of continuous improvement

  • Identifying and removing waste is part of everyone’s job description
  • Automation by default
  • Instrumentation to enable data-driven decisions