About Us

LimePoint was formed in 2012, following the merger of two successful ICT professional services firms, Avvex and Cohesion Corporation.

We built on this foundation, adding specialist consultants to create a rare and formidable team, with vast industry experience and technical expertise. This is the key reason Limepoint has secured a surprising number of major customers in financial services, education, utilities, government and retail - in just a few years.

Strong culture

The fusion of the two companies and the strong culture that underpins them, are the result of a shared but simple vision of the two co-founders: to deliver honest ICT solutions that are fit for purpose and deliver specified results in customers situations, on time and on budget.

That’s’ precisely why customers choose LimePoint: we deliver what others only promise.

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Goran Stankovski - Founder

Goran Stankovski, is a Director and founder of LimePoint, and he’s the innovator behind our technology.

Goran is passionate about innovation and excellence, and using deceptively simple technology to solve complex, real world problems. He’s also a recognised thought leader in Automation, DevOps, Enterprise and Technical Architecture, and Technology Enablement, and has presented at Oracle Open World several times.

Before founding LimePoint, Goran had an international career with Oracle. After Oracle, he established the enterprise architecture practice at a large Australian Oracle consultancy, and later ran a specialist Oracle consulting firm Cohesion Corporation. 

Goran’s deep experience with Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware and a passion for automation and DevOps was the catalyst for the development of LimePoint's automation platform.

At LimePoint, Goran's vast implementation experience and strong mentoring has helped him create a highly skilled and motivated team with a strong and passionate culture underpinned by automation.

Goran holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Systems and Software from the University of Melbourne.


Why the name?

We take our name from a small place with great significance to what we do: the Limepoint Lighthouse at the base of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Built in 1882 and operating for 80 years, the lighthouse and fog siren guided thousands of vessels safely to their destinations, avoiding the perils of the city’s famously impenetrable fog.

That’s what we strive to do for our customers at LimePoint.



Our customers mostly have enterprise deployments with multiple technologies and solutions and complex environments, and managing them to ensure BAU (Business as Usual) or new project delivery, can seem a bit like being lost in a fog.

We help customers cut through the fog, using our knowledge and skills, proven methodology and frameworks plus our advanced automation platform to deliver quality environments. It’s how we make sure your technologies deliver on the promise. We help enterprises achieve what was thought to be impossible: clarity, simplicity and speed from your deployments.

Our Logo

In addition, San Francisco is the venue for many large technology conferences. It’s even more fitting that our symbol, the reliable, long-standing Limepoint Lighthouse, is located by the city’s most famous landmark.

Our logo captures the lighthouse connection: the green shafts represent both light and the links between enterprise stakeholders, forming a safe vehicle that guides them unerringly to their destinations.

What our Customer Say

When it comes to feedback on LimePoint’s work, we’re happy to let our clients do the talking.

These quotes have all been verified, yet some clients would prefer to remain anonymous, so we’ve used generic titles and enterprise descriptions. In due course, we’re happy to introduce you to them.

I’d worked with LimePoint before and had been impressed with the deep technical knowledge of Oracle Fusion their consultants had. This time the project was much bigger and had an aggressive timeline of 18 months, yet LimePoint delivered everything we needed on time
— General Manager Solution Delivery, Toll Road Operator
At the time there were just 2 companies in Australia with tools to automate Oracle environment builds. We talked to both and, while the other company’s toolset was ready to use, we felt that LimePoint’s software was a more innovative in concept. That was the deciding factor. The opportunity to work with LimePoint on the toolkit’s final scope, objectives and feature set was an added attraction.
— Program Manager, Australian Bank
They were open, direct and honest with nothing sugar coated. Very clever, highly experienced people who added high strategic value. LimePoint’s a good company to work with.
— Program Manager, Insurance Services and Banking Group
Capability and technology were critical to us and LimePoint ticked off both, with strong skills in the Oracle Banking space and an advanced toolset for automating continuous delivery. Their experience with banking in the cloud was important too.
— Program Manager, Insurance Services Group
LimePoint’s software has been used successfully to deploy our development and integration environments. This provides consistency of deployment across all environments, significantly reducing the time required to build and environment. This consistency will reduce the effort required to support environments and provide a stable base to support quality testing results.
— General Manager Technology, Bank
Usually there are hundreds of defects [in going live with Oracle deployments] including serious ones. With LimePoint, there was a single defect which had no customer impact. We found it using LimePoint, fixed it and migrated to live production with no outage whatsoever. This alone proved LimePoint’s value.
— Program Manager, Australian Corporate
With LimePoint, it was never about throwing more people at the job. Quite the reverse, in fact. They minimized the human component, which was quite a refreshing change.
— Program Manager, Major Australian Corporation
But it wasn’t just the complexity of the technical environment. The people environment was just as challenging. Over 100 contractors worked on the project at its peak. In addition to our own IT staff and those of the main contractor, other specialists and SMEs were also engaged. LimePoint’s consultants always worked as part of the bigger team collaborating seamlessly with all the other parties.
— General Manager Solution Delivery, Infrastructure Company
LimePoint’s people are very straight-shooting, direct people. They say what they mean, they tell you exactly what the situation is and what the options are. There’s no interpretation or guesswork involved. I really like that in a partner.
— General Manager, Transport Company
We’re dealing with complex technologies in a highly complex environment and each Oracle product required specific Subject Matter Expertise to install and configure. With so many SMEs on the project, environment configuration management was tough, as was change management. This was another area where LimePoint made a real difference.
— Program Manager, Tier-1 Bank

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