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API, Data, & Integration


Seamlessly connect and integrate your applications and data

Benefits of adopting a microservices architecture and leveraging APIs for integration are wide-reaching. Whether you want to save money, automate better, drive DevOps capability, or just get apps to market quicker to create revenue, a modern approach to integration is your first step.

We provide a complete API, Data, and Integration solution for enterprises building their next generation of applications. Our hybrid service delivery model combines the best of local talent with offshore resources to provide 16-hour daily delivery capability. LimePoint offer API, Data, and Integration services from initial design and architecture stages all the way through to build implementation and managed services.

We have carefully selected our technology partners to bring our customers the best of breed solutions underpinned by an automation-first mindset that delivers value and outcomes to your API, Data, and Integration initiatives at speed.

Our API, Data, and Integration Services

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Where are the opportunities for you to leverage APIs and microservices, or connect and integrate your data? We help you explore potential use cases for APIs, Data, and Integration, and decide where to make a start.


Architecture + Design

Need an experienced architect? You’ve come to the right place. Everyone needs a strategy and design when they’re adopting a new framework or model. Lean on our experience here.

Build and Configure

Build and Configure

You are building the future of your application stack. It is important to get it right: a “stitch in time saves nine” applies here. We deliver top work, on time, and to budget.

API Development

API Development

Got your own API and Data developers, but need some extra resources? Or would you rather fully outsource custom development? LimePoint have API and Data Development services you can use.

Operate and Run

Operate and Run

We believe an efficient operation is just as important as expertly delivered projects. LimePoint provide automation-led managed services, empowering the enterprise in the cloud economy.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

You might choose to build internal capability to operate and run your API and Data platform. No problem: we can help you get them ramped up with our Knowledge Transfer service.

Our partners

At LimePoint, we have established strategic partnerships with Kong, and Confluent. We have chosen our partners based on their superior technology vision, not market share at an arbitrary point in time.

  • Kong – next-generation API platform for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Organisations; and
  • Confluent – the complete Enterprise Event Streaming Platform for Apache Kafka®

At LimePoint, with our automation-first mindset, and through our strategic partnership with both Kong and Confluent, are very excited to provide our customers with a world-class platform for connecting and integrating your applications, data, and APIs to deliver value at speed.

Next-Generation API Platform for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Organisations

Kong provides the Next-Generation API Platform for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Organisations. It achieves architectural freedom by connecting all your microservices and APIs natively within and across clouds, Kubernetes, data-centers and more.


The Complete Enterprise Event Streaming Platform for Apache Kafka®

Confluent is a streaming platform built by the original creators of Apache Kafka®. Created by LinkedIn in 2011, Kafka has evolved from a messaging queue to a full-fledged event streaming platform. Confluent delivers the most complete distribution of Kafka, with its proprietary platform. Confluent Platform augments Kafka with a combination of community and commercial features, designed to enhance the streaming experience of both operators and developers.

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